I’m Doshy

Hey weevils Fans!

My name is Doshy. Most of you might don’t know me but I work on lots of blogs. I Like Blogging because i like to post about bin weevils. Me and Ella have got a blog and i think its getting a huge success! Its called Bin Express.   I also blog for other blogs, which Is why I am writing this post, so you know who I am. My brother is cooloiposh34 and my cousin is Hayat3581



I created my Old Bin Weevil, Doshy-mini but I don’t know when I created him. this picture is a picture of Doshy-mini. I  previously had other Bin Weevils before that. I actually joined Bin Weevils in February 2011, a couple of months before I decided to create Doshy-Dude and other weevils. I am your New editor for this amazing blog! we would love to bring you all the bin weevils news and tips for beginners. We love bin weevils because it such a great game! I hope our viewers will be happy!. I Would like to thank the owner of this amazing blog for letting me join and be editor!